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Mid-Columbia STEM Education


In the summer, teachers will partner with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory scientists and engineers to develop a deeper understanding of the content of science.  Their students will develop new STEM knowledge and skills while increasing their confidence to engage in integrated science, technology, engineering and mathematics in authentic real world contexts.

The Stem-It Now project brings together elementary teachers from across the region to work in collaboration with Georgia Boatman (ESD 123) and Peggy Willcuts (PNNL), two well-known professional development providers.  Georgia and Peggy will lead the teachers on a deep dive into currently taught science units to increase their STEM content knowledge, and develop a deeper understanding of the Washington State Learning Standards (Common Core ELA and Mathematics and NGSS). They will work to create standards-aligned lesson additions and formative assessments that can be widely used.

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“I’ve always enjoyed working on education activities like STEM-IT because they are a welcome break from my normal, day-to-day laboratory routine. The teachers are excited about science and come willing to learn and actively participate. It is genuinely rewarding to know that as a scientist, I am helping educate future generations of scientists by either increasing an educator’s comfort level with science or by spreading my enthusiasm for science to students. In turn, the eagerness of the teachers buoys my spirits, and I am able to bring that increased level of engagement back in to the workplace.” Shannon Goodwin, microscopy scientist, PNNL​